HIPPY and CARD-USF Parent Involvement Project

African American mother reading with toddler son and daughter.

What is HIPPY?

HIPPY is a free, early intervention, school readiness program for children between 3-5 years old.'HIPPY's curriculum helps parents transform their homes into interactive learning environments to stimulate cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in children. To learn more about the HIPPY program, visit their website.

How can CARD help?

CARD-USF is working with HIPPY to help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) participate in this program with strategies that have been demonstrated to enhance successful skill development and positive school outcomes. After our review of the data over the past three years, we have seen children diagnosed with ASD learn to read, draw, write, know their numbers, shapes and colors, and engage with others.'These skills are all important in getting children ready to attend kindergarten in the least restrictive environment.

Who can participate?

If you answered yes to every question, call us today!

How do I get started?

Yes! I want to participate in the HIPPY project. To receive more information on how to enroll your child, contact Lourdes Quinones at CARD-USF at 813-974-8965.

A Parent's Perspective

Success Stories

Customized Supports

Providing additional support for children with ASD

CARD works with HIPPY to customize the HIPPY Curriculum to fit the special needs of your young child with ASD.

HIPPY Key Features CARD Contribution
1: 3-Year home-based curriculum 30 weeks/year


Thought bubbles over bookBetter Accessibility & Communication

Provides access and visual enhancements to HIPPY Curriculum

2: Professional coordinator and staff of home visitors +

large group of peopleExpanded Support Team

Professional CARD consultants with experience in ASD

Access to community resources

3: Role playing instructional technique +

line noting path from person to ideaIndividualized Learning Strategies

Home visitors & CARD consultants conduct visits together

Role play strategies

Provide parent tip sheet with helpful strategies

4: Home visits and group meetings +

clock and figure giving presentation with chartAdded Supports & Services

Increased time for home visits

Create visual supports for group meetings

Specialized training for staff and families

On-going technical assistance to HIPPY staff

CARD staff consult with school teachers to promote school success

Home Visitor Training


1: 3-Year home-based curriculum 30 weeks/year

This training is a tutorial on the use of the HIPPY Curriculum supplement. The purpose of this training is to give HIPPY home visitors the information they need to direct parents in the use  of the HIPPY Curriculum Supplement.

The HIPPY Curriculum Supplement (Video) (PDF)

2: Professional coordinator and staff of home visitors

This training is a general overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This training will cover information about diagnostic criteria and some of the characteristics found in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Video) (PDF)


3: Role playing instructional technique

This training will give you basic teaching strategies to help direct parents in successful use of the HIPPY Curriculum and the HIPPY Curriculum Supplement. This training provides an explanation of the strategies listed in the HIPPY Curriculum Supplement.

Basic Teaching Strategies (Video) (PDF)



3: Role playing instructional technique

This training is to help you understand the parent perspective of a parent who has a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. This training will teach ways to be proactive in developing and keeping a positive relationship with parents.

Understanding the Parent Perspective (Video) (PDF)

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