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Peer Mentoring Programs for Students Who are Neurodiverse: How to Start Them at Your School and Why


In this session, participants will learn how to start and sustain peer mentoring programs at their school to promote inclusion between the neurodiverse and neurotypical populations of the school.

As a result of this acivity, participants will be able to:

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Norma Barnes

Norma Barnes is an autism spectrum disorder and intensive reading teacher. Although she works predominantly with students who have autism, she also works with students of varying exceptionalities. Ms. Barnes is a graduate of the Marion County Public School system and earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Central Florida. This is her fourth year at West Port High School where she serves as the current advisor for a peer mentoring program called Wolf Pack United, a program designed to promote inclusion between the neurotypical and neurodiverse population of the school. Ms. Barnes was recently named West Port High School’s 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.