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Dreamers on Air: The Autism Journey


My composed songs, Life is a Train Ride, The Train Ride - Autism Journey (instrumental composition accompanying a narrative on projector), and My Dream of House of Discovery, describe the triumphs and tribulations I’ve endured on my path with autism spectrum disorder, from infancy to young adulthood, a point when I decided to pursue music therapy. Dreamers on Air, an advocacy song, is dedicated to young people with autism who face struggles entering adulthood. Know that you’re Worth It, addresses the challenges of self-esteem, which people with autism commonly face. Besides my own speeches, recorded videos of speakers who are specialists on autism are included.

About the Presenter(s)

Lara Anat Grabois

Lara Anat Grabois

Lara Anat Grabois is a 24 year old classically trained NJ vocalist and pianist with autism. She holds a 2017 bachelor's degree in music therapy/cum laude from John Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, NJ. Lara has recorded a total of 13 albums featuring over 100 cover songs, among them songs in 10 different languages. On Lara’s YouTube channel, over a hundred videos can be viewed, including live performances and artistic music videos. Some of Lara’s main projects include promoting autism and disability awareness, and spreading multicultural awareness by enhancing listeners’ connection with their own heritage, culture and language. She has performed extensively throughout New York and New Jersey venues. Lara also composes and arranges her own music for voice, piano, and keyboard, focusing on autism awareness-featuring her own personal story. Lara recently presented these works at her Autism Awareness Concert, and at National Music Therapy conferences to standing ovation.