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Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Individuals with ASD


Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder have difficulty controlling worry and managing their mood. Over the past decade, new research findings have indicated that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and techniques may be beneficial for individuals with ASD. More recently, CBT has been provided in schools and via Telehealth. Generally, results have been most positive when coupled with social skill development. However, limitations have also been found. In this presentation, a review of findings, a demonstration of selected techniques, and potential modifications will be provided.

About the Presenter(s)

Amanda Keating

Amanda Keating

Amanda Keating is a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst who serves as clinical director for the Positive Parenting Partnership, a five-year federal grant program, with Champions for Children. Dr. Keating provides mentorship and supervision of the clinical staff implementing evidence-based programs as well as monitoring program fidelity and implementation. Dr. Keating also holds a position at the Interdisciplinary Center for Evaluation and Intervention (ICEI) at the University of South Florida where she administers specialty evaluations, designs behavioral intervention programs, and provides clinical supervision. Previously, Dr. Keating directed the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) program at the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota where she supervised a multidisciplinary specialty clinic devoted to the differential diagnosis of individuals suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder, taught graduate level specialty ASD classes, and provided technical assistance and consultation throughout the country.