Annual Conference

The Fifth Annual CARD conference, "Enhancing Comunity Through Partnerships," was held in Tampa, January 18-19, 1998. More than 300 family members, professionals and therapists attended the conference.
    Conference highlights included keynote presentations by Ann Turnbull, Co- Director of the beach center o Families and Disability and professor of Special Education , University of Kansas,Getting a Life in Home, School, and Community; Diane Lipton, Attorney, Disability Rights Education and Defence Fund, IEP, Managing the Monster; and Rob Horner, Professor of Education, University of Oregon, Director of the Specialized Training Program and RTC on Positive Behavioral Support. The conference was sponcered by all five CARD centers, the Autism Society of Florida, and the Florida Outreach Project for individuals with Deaf/Blindness.

The Sixth Annual CARD Conference, "Building a Vision, New Perspectives & Possibilities will be held on January 23-24, 1999 in Clearwater Beach.


   Individuals of any age with autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger's Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, dual sensory impairment or sensory impairment with other disability conditions, their family members, friends, and professionals can receive CARD-USF's services.

Developing Materials

Various informational materials were developed by CARD-USF, including Fact Sheets for families and professionals focusing on issues and best practices related to individuals with autism and related disabilities.

CARD On-Line

Resources and information about CARD's projects & activities can also be found on the World Wide Web. Our site can be found at: http://card-usf.fmhi.usf.edu

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