Informational Materials

I have a Friend with Autism. Cover image

I Have a Friend with Autism (For Kids)

This is a great pamphlet for children who share how to be friends.

Books about ASD for Young People. Cover Image

Books About Autism Spectrum Disorders for Young People

Check out these great books for young people who want to learn more about autism spectrum disorder

Cover Image

Making friends is important to everyone

Learn some key things to make sure people with autism spectrum disorder are included in these important relationships that sustain us all throughout life.

Asperger's Disorder, Information for Kids Only. Cover image

Asperger's Disorder, Information for Kids Only

This brochure is geared for children to learn facts about Asperger’s Disorder.

A Story About Going Outside. Cover Image

A Story About Going Outside

This social experience story can be used to help a child know what to expect when going outdoors and have fun.

Useful Links

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Autism Awareness Printables

Word search, crossword puzzle, vocabulary, door hangers and bookmarks for Autism Awareness Month.

KidsHealth – Autism Awareness for Kids

What does autism mean? What causes autism? And Getting Help for Autism

Educating Children about Autism in an Inclusive Classroom

If you have a child with autism in your class, this module will be helpful to you.

Getting Started: Introducing Your Child to His or Her Diagnosis of Autism or Asperger Syndrome

This page focuses on aspects of explaining your child’s diagnosis to him or her, and about resources that can assist and guide you.

A hair-dryer kid in a toaster-brained world

Series of blog entries describing how a mother presented information about autism to her son’s classmates.

Intro to Autism for Kids

YouTube Video made for children by a mom.

Oliver’s Autism Guide

Useful information to hand out to explain autism to children in public situations.

Autism Explained by Children with Autism

YouTube videos: "Ethan and Dan Explain Autism," "Autism Understanding and Acceptance," and "Intro to Autism for Kids"