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Families and Individuals

Finding and using services can be overwhelming when determining a diagnosis of ASD and throughout transitions in early childhood, school age, young adulthood and aging.

CARD can guide you to locate the appropriate resources providers with ASD experience:

  • Developmental screening or Diagnostic evaluations
  • Medical professional (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Neurologist, Psychiatrist)
  • Therapeutic resources (Speech, Physical Therapy, Feeding, ABA)
  • State Agencies for government funded resources (APD, CMS, SSI, ChildFind)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Legal or educational advocacy
  • Support groups
  • Out of School time resources (Summer Camps, Recreation, Social Groups)
  • Childcare and Educational options
  • Safety supports (wandering, bolting, eloping)
  • Autism Friendly businesses
  • Job readiness, Employment services, Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Preparing for transition to adulthood (Guardianship, Estate planning, Dating for adults)
CARD helps find services and organizations near you. Our provider database is filled with recommendations from others we have served.

Contact us through our online registration, Email: card-usf@usf.edu or Phone: (813) 974-2532. The CARD-USF resource office can assist you over the phone or through email.

CARD-USF: Need Resources?

Watch this video to learn how CARD can assist families locating resources and providers.

CARD consultants are professionals with experience in the various autism related fields. They are available to provide education and resources. Consultants can customize the support for your individual needs and share their guidance through phone conversations, video chat, email, or meeting in your home or in the community.

CARD-USF consultants can:

  • Guide you in understanding an autism diagnosis
  • Assist parents or guardians with the implementation evidence-based practices for skill-building and behavioral concerns
  • Create visual supports
  • Address safety concerns
  • Provide school observations of individual students and offer support and recommendations to staff only with permission from both the district and the family.
  • Provide educational information to parents regarding the IEP process.
  • Help with various aspects of transitioning into adulthood including, but not limited to: community integration, lifestyle planning, self-advocacy, empowerment, preparations for independent living, understanding benefits, understanding relationships, and identifying supports for quality of life.
Though our involvement with families is often brief, families are welcome to reconnect whenever the need for further support is required.

The door never closes, as new needs arise, be sure to reach out for additional resources!


CARD-USF: Need Guidance?

Watch this video to learn how CARD Consultants can provide guidance to families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

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